TYSC 決戰東洋山 2020      
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Each racer must carry below mandatory gears at all times during the race. For the sake of safety to all the racers,  random gear checks will be performed during the event. Any racer without the mandatory gears will not be able to proceed until they arrange for the missing item to be replaced. 

1. 充足電量的手提電話 (*手提電話號碼必須與報名時所提供的一致,假如有所更改,請以電郵通知大會)

2. 賽事號章 (*大會於領取賽手包時派發。作賽時賽事號碼布必須掛在前方正面的明顯位置)

​3. 適量現金

4. 不少於500ml的水及 容器(各檢查站/水站均不會提供任何容器)

5. 1條能量棒 / 份食糧

6. 密封袋(放置個人廢物)

7. 尊重及禮貌地對待工作人員、義工及其他賽手


1. Mobile phone in working order with fully charged battery (*The phone number must be the same as the one you provided for the registration. If not, please update the organizer by email)

2. Bib (*PROVIDED BY THE ORGANISER IN YOUR RACE PACK and must be visible at the front during the race.)

3. Some cash

4. 500ml water and Utensils (including cup or bowl. There will be no cups provided at the checkpoints/water point)

5. 1 energy bar / food portion

6. A ziploc bag for your personal rubbish

7. Respect & be polite to crew, volunteers and other racers


  • 防磨損膏
  • 防曬
  • 太陽眼鏡
  • 運動帽或太陽帽
  • 替換襪子
  • 替換衣物
  • 設備較齊全的救護包(消毒紗布、包紮帶、水泡貼 、消毒紙巾、止痛藥等、以及任何適當的個人藥品)
  • 「八達通」咭(用於乘坐公共交通工具及自動售賣飲品機 )


  • Anti-chafing cream 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Sun glasses
  • Cap or sun hat 
  • Spare socks 
  • Spare clothing 
  • More substantial first aid kit (sterile dressings, roll of strapping tape, and any relevant personal medications)
  • "Octopus" card (for public transport / vending machines)